To be Made of Many Bodies

Installation View
Sound, Video, Shower Head, Tile, Dry Wall

“To be Made of Many Bodies” is a decayed group shower with concrete-faced walls, that included showerheads, fallen tiles, and traces of water. It creates a defunct circulation system with only the residues of dripping water left behind. Ideas of nature, the persistence of history, and the presence and absence of bodies haunted the space. A confined yet open hallway gives way to two fragmented videos. The first video shows a worm slowly crawling across a crack that bisects the wall. The second video is picturing children running through a public fountain in Iran. Videos create an oscillation effect between the wall as a body or as space. This dislocated sense situates the viewer between observing a community of bodies or residing in a social space. It illustrates the way we perceive ourselves and the way we perceive others through the lens of architecture.